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Production Year 2011

The car is available in an extremely rare version with a V12 engine and manual gearbox. About 1,400 such copies were made and are a perfect alternative investment,  in the presented Carbon Black version, only 40 of them were made

The current mileage of the vehicle is 14,940 miles

The car is already among the collectible vehicles, this copy is an extremely rare version of cars that, unfortunately, are going down in automotive history with the unforgettable V12 engine. In addition, this engine is coupled here with a manual gearbox, being a treat for connoisseurs. As if that was not enough, it is all placed in the smallest body of the Aston Martin, making this car faster and rarer than the flagship DBS model. The icing on the cake is the Carbon Black version, extremely limited. The value of the vehicle is already growing

The current market value of this model is

PLN 549,000 gross

The investment value for the shareholders of our club is PLN 399,000 gross, the minimum investment unit is 1%

The profitability of the venture today is 37%

510 horsepower

The value of the Horse and Mechanical Pony in the Horse Collector program:

1 horse power - 1079 zlotys

1 Power Horse = 4 Power Ponies

1 mechanical pony - 279 PLN

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