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Production Year 2012

The MC Stradale version was produced 2,777 units, of which the presented unit is one of 1,327 units built for the American market

The current mileage of the vehicle is 22,600 miles

The car is built on the iconic engine, which is known for the unforgettable sound of the Ferrari 4.7 liter V8 engine, considered the most beautiful in the world

This model, already considered a future collector's car, limited production, unique history, engine from Ferrari and the fact that Maserati has ended its cooperation with Ferrari in the use of their engines in Maserati cars, as well as the recent discontinuation of this iconic model, make GranTurismo MC is considered a certain investment and the prices of these rare versions will increase in the coming years

The current market value of this model is

PLN 289,000 gross

The investment value for the shareholders of our club is PLN 199,000 gross, the minimum investment unit is 1%  

The profitability of the project is 45% as of today

460 horsepower

The value of the Horse and Mechanical Pony in the Horse Collector program:

1 Horsepower - 629 PLN

1 Power Horse = 4 Power Ponies

1 mechanical pony - 159 PLN

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