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the best gift for a car fan and it's free ?!

You are  fan of unique cars?

You want to show off

a sports car?

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We have the Horse Collector program for you!

You always wanted to 

to own a sports car?

Or maybe you are looking for a unique gift idea?

From several hundred PLN

depending on the chosen one  model


How it's working?





Every vehicle from our collection is expressed in horsepower engine power

The market value of a vehicle is divided by the amount of its horsepower - we get the price for a horsepower

Wishing to share the joy of owning a fragment of the iconic car for everyone, each horsepower is divided into mechanical ponies , which are a minimum transaction unit with collector's value.

By purchasing one or multiple ponies or horsepower , you become a co-owner of a supercar

You receive an owner certificate and a club card from us, authorizing you to use a number of benefits, including unlimited access to visiting our club collection

Your ponies and horsepower are an investment ,  in the case of the sale of the car, which is decided by the ownership majority, the current value according to the value of the horsepower is returned to you, in the event of an increase in value - you earn


What do you get





Being the owner of a Mechanical Pony

Being an owner of a Horsepower

By being the owner of at least 1% of the share, you become an investor:

- you have invested your funds in the most profitable and stable investments in recent decades

- you purchased a share of a much higher value already at the time of investment

- you become a member of our club, taking advantage of all club benefits, including club events organized after the end of each project

- you have permanent access to the current collection of cars

- you co-create, together with other club members, the development of a collection of unique cars

- you receive a certificate confirming your investment in the project

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