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In a nutshell

You do not wonder which car is worth buying as investments, we select vehicles for our stable

You become the owner of exceptional horses mechanical, cars that are hard to find on the market

You don't need to invest huge amounts to be able to take advantage of of the most profitable and secure way of investment available to a few so far

You are not worried investment storage, fixed costs, insurance, services, inspections and other fixed fees, all this is on the side of the club

You are purchasing shares that you already have at the time of acquisition, they have higher value

As our club member, you have access to unique cars and a unique method of protecting and multiplying your capital

You do not pay any membership fees and subscriptions, as is the case in other clubs, here every zloty you put in turns in your horsepower and will return to you for a profit

With us, you support actions aimed at promoting exceptional stories cars and work on their survival for the next generations

You participate in club events, meetings, trainings, you receive the official one card clubhouse 

Image by Viktor Theo
Wykres inwestycyjny

Investing in unique cars is not a popular investment vehicle. Until recently, this option was available only to the hermetic, elite community of very wealthy people, often multi-millionaires.

We decided to create patronage, an elite club of horse collectors mechanical drives available to a wide range of people who love unique cars. Thanks to this, virtually anyone can become the owner of a unique car, without the need to incur very high investment costs.

Why Invest in Collector's Cars?

The diagram above shows what they look like  investments in collectible cars in relation to investments, including diamonds, fashionable gold or art  and other. The diagram clearly shows the advantage  investment in cars in relation to others, in the short and long term, in terms of profitability of the investment. Please  ask at this point in detail  attention, on the investment time, the differences with other types are visible  especially in the case of long-term investments. Investments in cars are made  many times more profitable over the years. Also, the risk of these investments is lower as there are limited editions of cars  the more desirable they are on the market  they are less available, and the number of cars is diminishing over time, rather than increasing.


We search for and buy a unique car

Over 10 years of experience in searching for unique cars. We have contacts all over the world, cars come from private collections and auctions, they are sometimes found after years of oblivion, just like the famous Ferrari found in the barn in the photo next ...

What is key, they appear in our stable myself cars only in collector's condition and their average investment value is about 20% lower than the market value, which in practice means that when you buy shares, you earn about 20% immediately. Then the value of the car changes over time, due to the choice of models, the value of the car increases in the long term.

Image by Obi Onyeador

The car is exhibited as another project and made available to a wide range of existing and new shareholders

And here we come to the heart of the matter. This is where our collectors and investors are winning more horsepower to your portfolio. The minimum share that can be purchased amounts to only 1% of the car's investment value, in our club we convert it into horsepower. For example, investing in a 510 horse Aston Martin share in the amount of 2% is given Aston's 10.2 horsepower.

The investment rules are simple, at the time of acquiring the shares, based on the investment value and the real market value, the investment profit at startup is known. With time, the value of the car increases in the long term, so the value of the shares increases proportionally.

Image by Sam Pearce-Warrilow

Power horses to start!

Every  We celebrate the end of the project with the project's shareholders, it looks different, depending on the preferences, i.e.  training, trackday and much more, all accompanied by horsepower

The car is safely stored

Our club cars are stored  with the highest  with diligence, taking care of their safety and optimal conditions, so that their value can increase in peace and quiet. Hey  cars are located  at our club members, some of the places where cars are kept are kept secret, some are kept  in places where you can admire them, in museums, often emphasizing unique occasions, yours  presence.


Completion of the investment - sale  car

Club status allows for acquisition a maximum of 49% of shares. There is no minimum number of shareholders. The share purchase agreement guarantees the return of the invested funds together with the generated investment profit after the sale of the car. The date of sale of the car is decided by the majority of shareholders, i.e. 51%, but this cannot be the case earlier than one year from the end of the project, i.e. from the acquisition of 100% of shares by the shareholders. It happens, due to the fact that cars are sold by the club quickly, after a year, are also cars that have remained in the hands of our shareholders to this day and are still not planned for sale.

The club supports the shareholders in the sales process, the cars are presented to a wide audience in the generally available media, at auctions and auctions, in Poland and abroad.

Image by Bill Oxford
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